After The Fall

by After The Fall LA



Equally inspired by Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Nirvana, and Portishead, the LA-based project, After The Fall, combines gritty synthetics, cinematic textures, and sultry female melodies to support emotionally vulnerable lyrics. Consisting of singer/songwriter Irene Merring and composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Genato, the pair bonded in 2010 over their love for 90’s grunge and trip hop, and sought to develop a style that hearkens back to that era. What resulted was an album’s worth of deep, haunting, and moody songs about heartbreak, rape, grief, and addiction. In concert, Irene’s vocals and Mike’s electronics are augmented with a drummer and guitarist, resembling more of a traditional rock band lineup.


released June 4, 2012

After The Fall is Irene Merring and Mike Genato.

All lyrics and melodies written by Irene Merring.
All music composed and arranged by Mike Genato.

Additional performances by Howard Wulkan, Chris Sholar, Jeff Reid, Eric Vasquez, and Yury Shubov.

Additional string arrangements in 'Breathe' by Yury Shubov.

Album produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Genato in Jersey Deep Studios, NJ and The Orange Room, CA.

Art Direction and design by Jamilla Productions.



all rights reserved


After The Fall LA Los Angeles, California

“Another Day That I’m Not Dead”-After The Fall is unapologetic in their sincerity and vulnerability. The lyrics inspire, while the music innovates yet pays homage to idols of yore- think Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, and Nirvana with a female voice. After The Fall is what’s next! ... more

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Track Name: Don't Feel
Don’t Feel

Verse 1:
I get up, but somethin’ always brings me down
Is it love that finds a way to make me frown?
Fill the cup half empty as it turns me around
Rise above; but nothing seems to make a sound

Verse 2:
It’s been rough to find a way to see me now
Had enough; I want a way out of this town
Just shut up! Inside my head is just too loud
I give up; ‘cause all that follows is this cloud.

And it’s the same ole thing that makes me lose control
So I don’t care about anything anymore
And it’s the same ole thing that shows me to the door
I don’t feel anything ‘cause life is such a bore

Another day that I’m not dead
Wake up you sleepy head
Maybe I’ll flip a coin; well I don’t care so what’s the point
Another day that I’m not dead
Why get out of this bed
Maybe I’ll flip a coin; well I don’t feel so what’s the point
Track Name: It's A Shame
It’s A Shame

Verse 1:
You think your life is full of thunder
You’re gonna see it all go under
And everyday you’re gonna wonder
What it’s like now with the other...yea.

Throw it away
Why don’t you run away
You’re such a Goddamn shame
And I don’t take you’re blame
You’re such a Goddamn shame
You’re such a Goddamn shame

Verse 2:
And you just might think I’m the sucka
You’re very wrong there, mothafucka
From here on out I’ll never trust ya
So just lay back and get your karma...yea.

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Breathe

Verse 1:
Lonely nights I spend just visualizing me on my own
Spending every single day and night trapped in your hole
Someone help me ‘cause my mind is blind and out of control
Everyone around me sympathizing ‘cause they all know
This isn’t where I wanted this to go
Don’t wanna run around in circles no more
This fantasy of mine has hit the floor
It’s strangling my peace of mind

Verse 2:

For so long I was a prisoner of my own grief
Thinking if I could just save the world, it’d bring me relief
Didn’t realize ‘til recently, I wasn’t complete
Couldn’t move ahead ‘til I decided to admit defeat
It’s never what you think it’s gonna be
Can’t spend my life just seeing what I wanna see
‘Cause there’s a life out there for you that’s meant to be
Give up your fear and just believe


If you see the outside, you will be free
If you let yourself go, then you can breathe
If you let your past die, then you will see
Everything is alright and I can be me


You’re everything you wanted to be
Relax your mind and let yourself breathe
It all will come and then you will see.